European Adventure 6 May or Grand European 8 May


Hey! Tossing up between European Adventure 6th May or Grand European 8th May 2012 has anyone been on either?! ;D


Hey! I’m from Perth, I’m booked to go on the May 1st one :slight_smile:


That’s the Grand European!


I’m booked in for the Grand European departing 8th May!
pretty excited.

I chose it over a camping tour because I figured after heading out and seeing the nightlife in europe I reckon a bed in a hostel is a better option than a sleeping bag. Also, I thought that sharing a room in a hostel is a good way to meet people.


I’m booked for the May 8th Grand european ~

Cant wait till I get there ~~

I was also thinking about the summer fun + sailing

or camping … but I also thought hostels would be better for me… ^^