European Adventure 4 September - 7 October


Hey :slight_smile: I have just booked this tour with a friend and we are so excited! Just wondering if anyone else is planning on going on this tour, or has booked this tour!
If anyone has attended this tour in the past, what did you think?


Hey! I’m going on this tour :smiley: so excited to finally hear from someone going on it too! I’m super excited to meet everyone! I’ll be in London for 4 days before the tour too if you wanted to meet up at any stage :slight_smile:
I’m travelling solo from Aus, where are you and your friend from?


Hey awesome to hear from you too!
We are going to be in London before the tour starts too! We are going to be there for a week. We leave Aus on the 28/8. We should definatly meet up before the tour starts.


Hey guys! This is my tour also!!
I probably won’t be able to catch up before hand in London till the day before :sweat:.
But nevertheless I am very excited to meet you all. :laughing:


Awesome can’t wait to meet everyone!


Oh cool I fly out on the 30th! Id love to meet up with anyone before the trip! I was thinking once more people reply to this thread and we have a lil group happening we could start a Facebook group so we can all catch up in London :slight_smile:


Heya My partner and I are doing this trip coming from New Zealand, will be in London for a few days before hand if anyone would like to meet up. Can’t wait!!


And also is there a Facebook group made for this yet? to keep in contact with everyone easier


That’s great! I’ll be there from the 31st staying with a friend so anyone that wants to meet up I’m keen! I’m happy to make a Facebook group now and post the link on here?


Ok so apparently you can’t make a group unless you have people to add to it :sweat_smile:
If everyone wants to add me I can make it? Search Rokia Gray and it should come up… Pic is of me and my red bearded boyfriend, you’ll know the one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey all,

Rokia has made a facebook group -


Hey, I’m also going to organize tour (Tallinn) with my friends (