European adventure 4 sept-7 Oct 2016 (camping)


Hi Everyone,

I’m Ashleigh and I am getting ready to pack for my European adventure on the 4th of September and just wondering if anyone else is joining in on this tour. I am a solo first time traveller, and would love to chat to those who are embarking on this awesome adventure too! Any helpful packing and travelling hints would be greatly appreciated also! I look forward to hearing form some of you!

Chat soon (hopefully)



Hey!! I am going on this trip too and I’ve been in contact with a few other people going on it too. I actually made a Facebook group incase anyone wants to ask questions and also to get in contact easier cause some of us are gonna be in london for a few days before the trip :slight_smile:
10 days!!! Getting soooo excited!
I’m travelling solo too :slight_smile: there will be quite a few people going solo I’d say so don’t be nervous! In terms of packing, I’m just taking a 50L backpack with a 15L day pack and a shoulder bag. The sleeping bag takes up so much room so i’m packing pretty light, 5 outfits worth of clothes & planning to buy most toiletries when i get to london. I’m taking boots, ballet flats & a pair of going out shoes. Sticking to a pretty neutral colour scheme so that i can mix and match! Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hey! Thanks for replying! I’d love to be added to the Facebook group if I can! What a great idea! I arrive in London on the 2nd and am booked into the Wombat hostel for the 2nights before we leave, are you staying there too? Or close to there? I would love to meet up before the tour leaves and explore London a little bit! I’m so excited for this trip, the countdown is on!!
Oh good, you have similar bags and packing ideas as me! At least I know I am on the right track! Haha so much to remember, but I have my list and I’m getting there! I’ll probably end up being over prepared!
I look forward to meeting you!

  • Ashleigh!


Yeh no worries at all, just add me on Facebook (Rokia Gray) and I’ll add you to the group :slight_smile:


Also I forgot to say that i’m not staying at the hostel until the night before the tour as i have a friend in london who I’m catching up and staying with :slight_smile: