European Adventure 3rd Jun - 6th Jul 18


Hey All
I’m Nathan, Traveling on the Euro Adventure 3rd June 18

Traveling solo and this will
be my first time overseas so just seeing who else is heading away on this trip.

Super excited to see what the Euro Summer has to offer bring on 2018.


For me it is a little boring to travel alone. So I usually do it with my girlfriend and friends. We rent here a motorhome and travel around the Europe. Mostly in Central, historical part of it. I’ve already visited Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Czech Republic and so on. It is cheaper as you shouldn’t find hotels and can stay in any camping place. There are a lot of them there.


Me! My names Jayde I’m 20, Aussie, and this is my first time traveling alone also. Can not wait!


Awesome, It’s great to hear from someone else that going on the same trip, the 2018 count down has begun that’s for sure.
The departure in London will be upon us befor we know it.

Literally can not wait to dodge some of the Aussie Winter for the Euro Summer.


Cannot wait !, yeah how good is it. Over an entire month of winter we will miss haha


I’m doing this tour! 109 days to go. Not that I’m counting… I’m travelling solo aswell :slight_smile: can’t wait to meet everyone!


Me and my BFF (22 + 23 yo aussies) are joining this trip! So excited to meet you all! :sparkles: we’re getting picked up from Paris!