Booked my tour for June 24th next year! Anyone else booked this tour?


Hi Brooke - have you arranged any pre accommodation in London? I haven’t booked my tour yet because i am finding it hard to find places at reasonable prices but the 23rd of June was the date i had set in mind ;D
Can you give me any ideas where to stay?


I’m getting on in France actually :slight_smile: I’m doing a bit of travelling around france for one or two days and before that I’m staying with family friends.


yes! 3 of us are leaving from London, we are staying at the Clink 78 Hostel for the 2 days prior to departure. We are all from Australia.


I travel the week before you! Crazy!


hey brooke

are you the same Brooke from australia i met last week in clink 78 ???


Hey all, im also on this trip now. I’m travelling with a friend. First time to europe so can’t wait. Am also staying at the Clink 78 for 2 nights before the trip.

Where is everyone from?


Hi all who replied, I’m from Brisbane :slight_smile:

axl no I’m not that same brooke as I’ve never been to london before haha.

Where are you all from?


Hey Everyone!
I am from Melbourne and have booked this trip and can NOT wait!! Counting the days. Staying at Clink 78 before tour departs, so looking forward to meeting you all for some drinks, before we start our big adventure! :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone,
Just thought I’d say hi as I will also be going on this tour!!
I’m from Brisbane too haha and also staying at the clink 78 before and after the tour.
Can’t wait to meet everyone!


Not long now