European Adventure 24th july 2011


Hi there,
Just wondering if anyone has booked this tour before and can let me know anything about it,
or if anyone will be on the same tour?
Cant wait to meet new people and explore new places!! :slight_smile:


Hi Lucinda,

I’m going on this tour. I’m so excited! Have you booked or are you just looking into it?


I have booked it :slight_smile: i am travelling solo too!
I’m so excited… but also nervous.
Have you gone with top deck before?


My boyfriend and I have booked this tour too before we have to head back to NZ.
So amped!!
Are you two both living in Oz atm?



Hi Kristin, I’m so happy to find people who are coming on the same trip!
Lucinda - This is my first Top Deck tour - I’ve never been overseas before at all. This will be an adventure.
I’m sure we’ll all have great fun - and we’ll be very good at putting up tents by the end of the trip :slight_smile:


Haha yes sure we will be the masters of tent assembling!
My friend just came back from doing a summer sailing
tour. She said she had the best time and made heaps
of friends :slight_smile:
This is really awesome to be able to chat to other people
doing the same tour… takes the nerves away a bit!

Kristin - Yes im living in byron on the east coast of aus
working my butt off to get out of here haha. Are you from
New Zealand?


131 days to go!
(…not that I’m counting or anything…)