European Adventure 22nd July


Hi, is anyone booked on this tour for the 22nd July and staying at Clink78 the night before?



Hi Dee,

I am also booked on this tour but I’ll be joining in Paris!


Hi Nicole,
How exciting. I have been contemplating joining in Paris as well. I fly into Paris on the 18th and was going to catch the train to London, but i dont think i will bother.

Where in Paris are you booked?


Hello Nicole and Dee,

I have noticed you are both from Australia and I am going on this trip aswell. I will be starting from the beginning though. I am in London from the 18th of July, so I will just be staying in a Hotel there for 4 days before the tour starts.

Talk to you guys soon.



Hi Girls!!!
Not long now till our tour begins, I am so excited!!
I have also decided to join in Paris ;D

See you both very soon! x


It’s not long at all!! Good to know there is at least 3 of us! Dee when are you flying into Paris? Are either of you staying on in London after the tour?


Hi Nicole, I am flying into Paris on the 18th. ;D
Haven’t yet booked any accommodation as yet - will get to that in the next few days!
What area in Paris are staying? I haven’t got a clue!!!
I will be staying in London for the night at Clink78 where the tour bus drops us off, then i am travelling to Spain for LaTomatina festival ;D
How long are you travelling Europe?

Arrrr today next week we will be in Paris!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Hey i’m going on this tour. But I live in london. So just meeting at the pick uo point.


Hi Gmate, not long at all till we are on the road!!
Can you recommend any nice hostels around London?
I will be staying the night at Clink78 when we return but they couldn’t book me in for 2 nights.


Hey G Mate- Welcome!

Im over there for 3 months Dee, the tour, then a week in London, a week in Scotland, 2 weeks in Turkey and then staying with a friend in Germany, before Munich for Oktoberfest. How about you? I’ve never travelled by myself before so Im a little nervous. I’ve been describing it as 98% pure excitmeent, 2% total and unaltered fear! I am staying at the Clink for a few nights after the tour. I’m spending a week in London after the tour. I only get in the afternoon of the 21st and am staying at

Caulaincourt Square Hostel
2 Square Caulaincourt

I currently have no idea where this is, the travel agent did it all for me ha ha!

I’m getting super excited now, today is my last day at work. (Explains why I am on here I suppose!)

I hadn’t asked how old are you? I am 22 tomorrow.


Nicole HAPPY BIRTHDAY******* ;D

I am travelling Europe for 3 months as well & on my own!! My percentages are little more like 77% pure excitement, 3% petrified & 20% NOT PREPARED!!! :frowning: I am meeting with my travel agent the day before i fly out and still have nothing booked for Paris!! I just googled your hostel and your in the 10arr which is quite close to the Effile Tower (i think?) I was looking at booking a hotel for the 4 nights but I am not sure now, your hostel sounds nice from the reviews and includes a buffet breaky.

After our tour, i think i might spend 2 nights in London then head over to Spain (have not idea how i am getting there) for La Tomatina then I might trek to Barcelona and make my way of the Croatia for my sailing tour ----- then from there i was going to try get over to Turkey (again nothing have not booked this and down know how i am getting there, let alone how the hek i am going to get to Croatia!!) then BACK to London to catch a BUS to Germany for my final tour with Busabout for Oktoberfest :slight_smile: I stay in London for a week max before treking back to Germany to catch my flight out to Singapore!!

Your so lucky have your last day at work today!! Mine is tomorrow :):):):slight_smile:

I am 26 & single…&…loving life! ;D ;D ;D

I will post where I make my booking in Paris. If your free one day, we could go check out the markets and eat some snails!! :stuck_out_tongue: haha :slight_smile:


Thankyou! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ha Ha you are quite the one for spontaneity! A bus from London to Germany sounds fun ha ha. I feel relatively prepared but I’m sure I am going to feel very lost when I land in Paris. La Tomatina sounds awesome! Everything is close I’m sure there will be a plane or a train or a bus you can catch to all of those places!

I am keen to go to the markets and eat/attempt/pretend to eat snails ???! This is starting to feel so very real!! So if you get there on the 18th you must leave Tuesdayish? Maybe ha ha.

Have an awesome last day at work :D:D


HI Nicole!! My last day at work today for the next 5 months!!! Sooo much work to finalise before I leave for afternoon drinks!!!
I spoke with my travel agent last night and accommodation in Paris is so expensive so if there is some availability left at your hostel, i think i am just going to book there so its a little stress off my back and at the least I kind of know someone…as for snails, we could just share one - just so we can say we ate snails in Paris!! :slight_smile:

I fly out on Tuesday from Brisbane and arrive in Paris at 7.20am – the way i envisoion my first morning (provided i dont get lost on the metro) is to drop my stuff off at the hostel and walk around to find a fresh croissant and coffee :slight_smile:

What time do you arrive at Paris?


Hey dee. Generator hostel is a good one. And you get a card for cheap drinks at their bar…


That’s so exciting! Tuesday you must be absolutely unable to sit still/freaking out.
I say we share snails take photos to convince everyone back here that we did! I like the way you think!

I will land in Paris at 1:30pm Saturday so however long it takes me to get through customs and find my way to my hostel. Will try and somehow find you? ha ha. By then you’ll be an expert on Paris and the metro!


Hi Nicole!! I am here in Paris!!! OMG I almost played out a scene from the movie Taken…the men here are quite intense!! Hopefully you can get this message before you land. I am staying at:

Comfort Inn Saint Pierre
Rue de la Clingnancourt, 10, Paris

I google mapped it and we are about 1.4km away from each other.
I have a euro number +33753529539 txt/call when you arrive :slight_smile:

Have a safe trip!!! See you soon!! ;D ;D ;D


Hey!! OMG don’t get kidnapped! I want a friendly face when I get there!! Not sure if you are still checking this but if you are I will see you in about 48 hours. Ill text or call you when I get there. My number is +447937603803.

Hope you are having a fantastic time and look forward to seeing you Saturday!!

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D