European Adventure 22 May 2011


Anyone going on this tour, departing 22 May 2011. Let me know :slight_smile:


I am!! I booked it a couple weeks ago, I’m so excited!! I’m going solo, how about you?


Going with my sister! I’m settling in London for 2 years after & she’s going back home after 3 months travel, to New Zealand so hoping to make some good friends that are living in London afterwards too! What are your plans?

You’re so brave going it solo, I don’t think I could do that hehe. I’m excited too - just looking up luggage/bags etc and what size to take etc! It’ll be so much fun.


Oh that is awesome, living there for 2 years would be amazing!! I’m actually thinking of staying in London for a few days after the trip so maybe we can wander the city together. As for going alone, it is kind of intimidating, I originally planned to go with others but they bailed so I decided to keep my plans to go anyways haha.

I’ve been looking at luggage, hoping Santa will bring me a nice bag for Christmas! Are you bringing a backpack or regular luggage?


Yeah sure! :slight_smile:

Yeah I made plans with friends but they were so indecisive and couldn’t commit to a date either so I made my own plans with my sister.

I’m taking regular luggage in a suitcase to London but on the tour itself think they only allow backpacks a certain size.

Size for all bags must not exceed 70cm x 45cm x 25cm. Backpacks only on a EuroCamping trip :slight_smile:


I have a suitcase/backpack crossover thing do you think that will be okay? It’s the right dimensions and everything…
Also are you on facebook? If so you should add me, let me know and I’ll Private message you my full name or something.


Yep I am indeed, PM me your details & I’ll add you.


hey guys im booked in on this trip too :slight_smile:
kirsten im staying in london till about november sometime so yeah would be awesome to make friends from the trip that are staying around
im doing it solo also but will have been backpacking around the americas first so hopefully be used to doing it all solo
also im from oz :slight_smile:
ill pm you guys about fb


That’s awesome. You’ll have a blast. I’m heading to America (LA) before London but got family there so that’ll be good. I’ve added you on FB :slight_smile:


hey guys! me and my friend are from aus but we live and work in england for the last year… we are both thinking of doing this tour on the 22nd :slight_smile: i am so excited!!! cant wait to see europe and meet a whole load of new ppl :slight_smile: Xx


Hey guys, I booked this trip today, so freaking excited!!! Going solo so am petrified as well lol


Hey guys I am booked for this trip too. Can’t wait!


So good to see that we have other joining us!! It’s fast approaching.

@AmandaLD - I’m also solo and somewhat intimidated by it, but from what I hear a lot of people are in the same boat so it won’t be all that bad :slight_smile:


Hey gi lor I hear its roughly about half the people that go are solo, I’m really looking forward to it, this is the first big experience I’ve ever organized and going to do by myself, really cant wait :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


about half? well that is definitely reassuring! I’m the same, I have only been on smaller trips and never been overseas to Europe so I am pretty excited also!!! Less than 4 months away, I can’t believe it!

Is anyone else planning to stay in London for a a couple days/weeks/months after the trip? I am staying for about 5 days to see the city and visit the Stonehenge etc.


I’m staying in London for about a week afterward! I’m staying with my sister shes got a few bits n pieces she wants to show me, when shes working though I was planning on going to see Stonehenge, there’s heaps of tours that combine Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor castle.
I paid for my trip today and was so exciting and I was talking to my travel agent and she said its normally about half that are solos, but of course you never know what your going to get :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’m also staying about a week afterwards, I was thinking of maybe extending it so i can do a quick trip up to Scotland…but I will have to see how much money I save up. But I was also looking into those tours, a lot of them with Anderson tours? I heard that if you go to the early morning or late evening ones you can actually go up to the stones. Where as the day tours you have to stay behind the ropes or whatever. But yea, Stonehenge is definitely a must see!

Do you have Facebook? PM your info if you’d like!


I would looooooove to go to Scotland but I so cant afford it lol, oh my gosh to go up to the stones would be amazing! I’ve looked at so many tours they are all starting to look the same lol, Ill deff PM you my details :slight_smile:


Hey Hey,

Think I’m doing this trip as well. Can’t wait! I’ve done a solo contiki before and its fine traveling alone! You meet many many people.


good to hear! I’m not too worried about the solo thing, but its always in the back of my mind lol