European Adventure - 21st August 2016


Anybody else going on the European Adventure trip starting 21st August '16?


Hey there, I am! Are you a solo traveller? :smile:


Awesome. No I’m travelling with my girlfriend, yourself?


Wow that’s pretty cool, I’m leaving my boyfriend at home and going by myself hahah :slight_smile: where abouts are you guys from?


Ho guys - does this trip include the smaller Russian Revelations tour?


No it doesn’t sorry!


I am going to be on this tour and i’m also traveling solo as well


Awesome! Have you gathered everything you need for the trip yet? I am so stuck on what clothes i’m going to need haha


i think i have everything, i am trying to travel light as possible as i have weight limits on the planes I’m traveling on so most of my clothing is nylon/cotton but do have warmer clothing as well covering all bases lol :slight_smile:


Less than 3 months now, so excited!
Does anybody know what happens with all or belongings while we’re at the campsites? Do we lock them in the bus or keep them on us?


i would assume that we would keep our belongings with us while at campsite and then when traveling, it will then be with the bus, that’s my thought on it, but don’t know for sure


Hi everyone. I am going on this trip with a friend. We’re both so excited! Looking forward to meeting you all.


Roughly 2 and a half months left guys! Where abouts is everyone from anyway? :smiley:


My girlfriend and I are booked on this trip also. We are both from Sydney, Australia.
Can’t wait to go camping around Europe - should be an amazing tour :slight_smile:

Although I am in the same boat as you sharlai17 - I have no idea on what to pack haha. Still a couple of months to figure it all out though :smiley:


Yay Aussies! I’m from Tasmania myself, and yes Watson89 I still don’t have a pack or anything yet! Hoping the Kathmandu winter sale will get me everything I need haha :smiley:


Only 9 weeks to go! My girlfriend and I are both from the Central Coast.

I still haven’t begun to pack either, all I have is my backpack haha