European adventure 2017 (july 1st - august 3rd)


Hey everyone we are two 20 year old guys from Australia going on the european adventure starting on the 1st of july.

Has anyone else booked it yet? and is anyone planning on doing anything before the trip and/or after, we will be in England for a few days prior to departure staying at wombats, if anyone wants to catch up for a drink or 2 …

We are wanting to see as much as Europe as possible but we are 100% there to party!!! :tada: :beers:


hey there!

am definitely looking at going at the exact time and will be in England around that time as well! first time flying solo ( but i haven’t booked it yet)


and also from aus!


Hey there sounds good we will have to catch up in England.
Add me on facebook (Luke Sciberras) I will make a group chat when we find more people going


Europe is a very nice for tourism . I hope you will enjoy your trip with your family.