European Adventure 2013


Hi, I am a solo traveler going on the European Adventure from June 23rd to July 26th 2013. Just wondering who else is going on this trip?


Hello :slight_smile: me and my partner are going on this tour super super excited! we are on the topdeck meet if u want to chat


Yeah, I would like to chat so I can get to know some of the other people going on the trip. I am also extremely excited for this tour!


Have u been on a topdeck tour before? Where are you coming from?


This is my first tour through topdeck and I live in Canada. I will be starting the tour in London. What about you and your partner?


Nope first tour & first time to europe :slight_smile: we live in new zealand.we to will be leaving from london. add us on.facebook if you likeā€¦ email address is or i think its under brad taylor danielle perriam :slight_smile:


I like adventured trips such as Africa, Sri-Lanka, India. Last holidays I had travel to Africa with my friend. That was wonderful tour of my life. On that place, first time I saw cheetah in front of me. That was totally scary scene of my life.So This holidays I plan to travel in Europe with my friends. Can you give me some idea about adventurer places and airfare to Europe
. Hope Europe also becomes an adventurer tour of my life.