European Adventure 2012 June 3-July 6 (HTPT)


My friend and I are going on the June 3rd European Adventure trip, who’s with us?!
What are your plans before and after the trip?


Hey Kristin! Me and my friend Freya are going on this trip also, were from NZ
We are spending few days in London first and then after were going to Sweden then maybe back to London

What are you and your friend doing??
Emma and Freya xxxx


I’m Colleen I’ll be going on the June 3rd trip solo so its nice to meet some people before hand I’m from the US and will be staying in London for three days after the trip. I’m super excited and nervouse. I think it should be so much fun but its my first time outside the US


Hey, Im going with Emma on the trip. We should add each other on facebook? My name is Freya Adams and this is the link to my facebook :

I’m very excited, wish I was leaving tomorrow im getting very impatient! haha :smiley:


My friend and I are also from the US, Colleen. We are only staying over night the night before the trip but staying a few days after the trip in London.
Im getting so excited!!
Here is my fbook page, feel free to add me!