European Adventure 2012 (HTPT)


Hi, im booking this trip for the 29th, im a solo traveler. I will be staying at the Clink the two nights before and was wanting to catch up with someone else on the trip. :slight_smile:


hi tara, im a going solo but im from Perth and im looking for someone from Australia to travel with!


Great! I will be flying into London on the 27th and will be at the Clink hotel until the trip begins. Looking forward to the trip!


Hi Tara and Frank
Ill be traveling solo too and will be staying at the Clink night before the tour starts ill be arriving 30th in the morning, would be good to meet some friendly faces night before the tour starts…never traveled solo before so slightly nervous!!


Hi Tara, Mary and Frank
I just booked this trip and I too am going solo! Also I’m staying at the Clink the night before so I hope to meet everyone there! Maybe we could even get to enjoy the start of the Olympics before we head out :slight_smile:


same here i want to see the an Olympic event too…do u think we could get tickets? lol…also do we need a visa for this 49 day trip??

count down begins guys!!!


Hi Tara, Mary, Frank, Cameron
If this is the trip leaving the 29th of July I’m on it. I’m travelling solo from Brisbane and arriving at Clink 78 for the 27th and 28th. As for the olympics shows all the events on on the 28th. Also the opening ceremony is on the 27th - it’d be great to find a good TV to watch that on.


Hey, I’m on the trip for July 29th, too! Any of you guys got Facebook or something so we can maybe chat before we go??
I’m travelling on my own, too ;D
Oh, and I’ll be staying at the Clink 78 on the 28th as well.


Hey! First time solo traveler here too for the Euro Adventure! I can work out whether I’m more terrified or excited about this! No. Wait. Definitely excited! Its getting closer too!
Clink 78 on the 28th is the way to go, I’m flying across from Amsterdam sometime that afternoon, so i hope to see you all there :slight_smile:

If you all want I can create a facebook group for the trip?


Sounds like a plan! I did add our trip to the ‘Topdeck Meet’ App on Topdeck’s Facebook page, but no-one’s joined it yet :’( Make a page and link it here and I’ll join!
Here’s the one I added…


Lol Sophia that has got to be the most depressing emoticon I’ve ever seen but luckily I think most of us have found our way to the FB page. So i believe one of these is deserved ;D.

26 days folks! Less time to wait then our trip is long!


I don’t even have all my stuff yet! This is scary!!


So very scary! Sorry about the lateness, but I’ve made a group if anyone is interested!



What’s everyone doing money-wise? I was thinking of getting a pre-paid currency card through Travelex, but I’m not sure how they make their money. It seems too good to be true, so there must be a catch somewhere!!


Honestly I was planning on just carrying my money… Am I naive in thinking that’s a good idea?


Enough for the whole trip!? That’s a lot of cash to be carrying!


@Cameron, I wouldn’t carry the ~$2000 with you. How will you keep it safe?

@sophiaaah, pre-paid currency cards usually have some combination of card activation fees, loading fees (usually 1-2%), bad exchange rates, and ATM/merchant fees. It’s worth asking before your purchase. $1000 could easily become only $950 worth.

IMO finding a good bank/credit card is a better option. I have one of each - both with great exchange rates, and no fees (including no ATM fees)… CitiBank and 28Degrees… however I’m from Australia so I’m not sure what your options are.


Ok after the minor protests I decided to look into it and my bank offers free withdrawals so I’m bringing a bit of cash and taking the rest out when need be.


I’m taking 1,000 Euros on a travel money card which offers free overseas purchases. They make their money on cancellation fees and a slightly poor exchange rate (nothing drastic). The rest I’ll take in cash I think. My bank charges for withdrawals from ATM and buying directly from a merchant, but bringing my cards in case of an emergency! Couldn’t find a bank that offered free overseas purchases that would be suitable for me, but I guess a small fee isn’t too bad as long as I’m not using it all the time.