European Adventure 2012 (HTPT)


[size=3]Hi everyone, does anyone know of cheap hostels to stay at while in London or Paris pre & post Europe tour 2012 in June or late August??

I am finding it very difficult due to the Olympics so I haven’t booked by tour yet & i really want to join you on an adventure!! :frowning:

Who is sticking it out for 3 months? B-)

Any places I should be looking ???

Dee ;D[/size]


Thanks Jessica,

I have just had a look at the sites you gave me and they help heaps!!!
Paris is looking like the spot to stay before my trip – Thank you again!! ;D ;D


oh I forgot to ask, what airline are you travelling with on the 31st?

What are you plans after the tour ??? ???


hey chick ad me on facey

i havent booked anything!!!
Work has been hectic this is my first time on here in ages!!!

I am going to an expo this weekend for Bus about. Keen for chucking tomatoes in Spain? ;D