European Adventure 201, leaving 5th August (HTPT)


Hi Guys

Just wondering who else is going to be on the trip leaving 5th August. I’m a first time solo traveller - not going to lie, i’m a little bit scared.
I’m 25 and from NZ and have been living in the UK since April.

looking forward to hearing from anyone going on the same trip.



I’m on this tour! 21 from Australia, currently travelling in Jordan, joining the tour “solo” in Paris.

There are three of us on facebook… see you in the real world soon!


Hey Abbie & Jess! :slight_smile:

I’m on this tour also! My first time travelling through Europe, can’t wait!
Are you guys staying at the clink the night before?



I’m also on this tour!
From Aus but have Been living in London for the past 3 months. Looks like it will be a awesome month or so! Also travelling solo.



Hi all,

Also taking this tour. From Australia, but have been living in Scotland for the last 18 months, so last trip before heading home! Very excited and looking forward to the trip. Also staying at clink78 the night before.



I’m staying in a studio in Paris now, then joining at our first campsite, so I’m not at the Clink but will see you all soon! Seems like a good mix so far…


Hi Guys

My boyfriend Nathan and I are on this tour we are from NZ, we just got to the UK last week and really looking forward to touring Europe, we are staying at Clink78 on Saturday, See you there :slight_smile: