European Adventure 1st July - 3rd August 2018


Hey guys, Im Katelyn from Perth, Australia (19) and I just booked this trip for the 1st of July to the 3rd of August! Just wondering if anyone else has booked this trip yet either? Super excited and can’t wait to hear back from some of you before we go!


I’ve booked the 3rd of June trip! Can’t wait


I’m going on this and am 19 travelling from Perth too!!


My name’s Katelyn too but most people call me by my lastname ‘Grimes’. That should come in handy with two Katelyn’s so far haha. I’m travelling from Sydney with my friend Laurel we’re both 23 - so excited!


Hey I’ve booked this trip too, im 20 from Sydney. Can’t wait!


Hi, I will be in spain for two weeks and like to see some nice places and enjoy my life. My trip will start from mid june. Malorca is at the top of my list . If you have the same time duration then it would be the great.
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