European Adventure! 19th of June 2016


Hey, I’m a solo traveler from Aus and looking for anyone going on the European Adventure on the 19th of June 2016. Keen as!


Hey! I’m in the process of getting quotes for this trip! I’m going solo as well, where abouts are you from? :slight_smile:


Oh good I’m not the only one! lol. I’m turning 20 this year and I’m from Newcastle :smile:


Oh man I am so sorry to get your hopes up, but I decided to go in August instead so that I could be away for my birthday! There will be another solo traveller for sure though so you should be fine, have fun! :smile:


hey lauren.

you won’t be alone for at least part of your trip. I’m doing the eastern highlights tour, which links up with your eurpean adventure tour in dubrovnik. I’m an aussie boy from sydney, travelling solo as well.



Hey Lauren I’m Megan, solo traveller from across the ditch :slight_smile: already booked in for this tour and cant wait! :smiley: Are you staying at the wombat the night before?


Oh Yay! Sure am staying at the Wombat, I think that’s where the trip starts? Sydney isn’t far from me, pretty much local! lol, Dubrovnik will be good. Have you guys done trips before?


yeah dubrovnik should be real fun… this is my first top deck tour and first tour to europe as well


Yea it is i booked it cos i didnt want to have to make it there from somewhere else at like 6am or something :stuck_out_tongue: This is my first topdeck trip too … So excited!! :slight_smile:


Hiiii :slight_smile:
Im also doing this tour :slight_smile: im 19 from Western Australia and travelling solo :slight_smile: also staying at wombats the night before and night after. Sooo excited


OmG Guys, I’m getting so excited now! Its only about five weeks away!! My uni work is getting so shitty and I just really need this trip to hurry up! :scream: :laughing:


Hey guys,

I’m also a solo traveler going on this trip. Not long at all now! I fly out of Brisbane on the 17th and am staying at the wombats for two nights beforehand and the night after. :slight_smile:


Is anyone staying at Wombats for more than just the night before? I get there on the 14th! keen to explore London :relaxed:


Yes! I’m staying the two nights before :slight_smile:




hey Lauren , i will be going on the European Adventure on the 19th also ill be staying at wombat hostel and getting into London on the 15th let me know if you want to explore London the few days leading up


Yeah for sure! I just got here tonight


Hey guys so I’m not sure if there is any other way to chat to the group but I’m at Wombats and gonna stop downstairs for a drink soon. See ya x