European Adventure 17th June 2012


Helloooo fellow Topdeckers!

I just booked the European Adventure tour. So bloody exciting!

It runs from the 17th June to the 20th July.

Any of you out there going on it, too?

Hi to anyone who is!



Thought I’d just post here linking to the same one I wrote on Topdeck’s Facebook page: Check it, here.


HEY! me and my boyfriend are on this tour also! SO EXITED!!!


I shall also be on this trip =)


Yesss! When are you guys flying over to London? I take it you’re heading from NZ? I look forward to meeting you!

Wooo. Is this the same Amelia that’s on Fb? Either way, HELLOOOOO! Good times ahead!


hi guys! yes we are moving to London on the 26th May then heading to Ireland with the family for a week. then we will be getting on the tour. flying from yes to dubai then London! thank goodness we have found some more people on the tour got a bit worried!


Ah, you’re the same lady who posted in reply to Jake’s Facebook comment on the Topdeck page. Now it’s all coming together! Helllooooooo. We’re gonna have a BALL. :slight_smile:


More people need to be involved on this forum so we can start talking/getting more excited about our trip.


If anyone else out there sees this, join our Facebook group:


Not long to go now! Wooooooooo.