European Adventure 15th May 2016


Hey guys,
Just wondering if there is any others out there doing the European Adventure in May 2016?
Excited to meet, and get to know everyone :smile:


I will be on this trip :slight_smile:


Just found your post @Rebbeccaaa !! Not long now :laughing:


I was starting to think we were on this trip alone @Jessa2090 :joy:
How exciting @btolson , where are you from, and are you arriving a few days before the tour?


Iโ€™m from Melbourne Australia :slight_smile: And yeah i arrive on the 10th in London! How about yourself?


@Jessa2090 and I will be arriving in London early Morning on the 12th :slight_smile:
Weโ€™re spending a few nights at Wombats Hostel before the tour starts :smile: