European adventure 14 august 2011


Hello everyone…

I just boked the western crossing on the 14th august…i saw that my trip is combined with people travelling on the european adventure, so for the first 14 ays we all would be together…realy excited :slight_smile: as this i my first tour and first time to europe… ;D

i already made a thread on western crosing but thought would make this thread to let people know both the tours would be together for the first 14days and would want to have a chat and get to know each other before we go… :slight_smile:

take care… see ya soon… cant wait :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m booked on the European Adventure, how did you find out this information? Anyway nice to meet you, can’t wait for the trip! Where are you from etc? Am from NZ and travelling by myself, would be good to hear from others on the trip.


Hi…im travelling with my friend…both of us are from uk…

When booking the western crossing tour, it said that it forms part of the european adventure…

When do u get to london??

Are u prepared?? i was looking at what optional things to do in the tour?? Have u done any research to what places we are going??

Nice to hear from you…tc


Ah ok. I get into London on the 11th, and am going to have a look around for a few days. I hope I’m prepared! Only got a few days left to get the last stuff sorted, fingers crossed all goes well. I haven’t done much research, but know a bit about some of the places we’re going. Got a lonely planet guide which is gonna help!

Are you going to be staying at the Clink78? Gonna be there on the 13th for a night.


hi…make the most of ur london trip…if u need any ideas or info on where to go…please contact me…

i am in london so wont be staying at the clink hostel…i will be coming on 14th morning to clink at around 6 am…

I am working til the 13th…otherwise i could show u around a few places i know…

havent done any packing but just worried wil forget some important things…

are u bringing an international sim??

also dont forget to get euro travel plug…


Cheers for the offer, I’ve got a to do list sorted for while I’m in town so should be well occupied. I’ve got a euro-plug, though was gonna pick up a sim-card in London (and maybe a new phone while I’m at it!).
Haven’t packed yet either. I’m sure you’ll be sorted, as long as you pack the stuff they reccomend.



Me and my boyfriend are going on the European Adventure tour on 14th August. I haven’t found anyone else on this tour (or a tour that travels with it) so far so it’s great to see that the tour does actually exist :slight_smile:

We currently live in the Midlands, UK but my boyfriend is from Melbourne, Australia. We are moving back there to live in January so trying to cram in as much of Europe as we can.

I can’t wait for the tour to start but I keep worrying about forgetting things! Does anyone have any idea what happens during the greece sailing days? Do we sail around the Greek islands or stay in one spot? Either way Greece is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait for that part (I can’t wait for it all really!)

Anyway, HI to everyone on the same tour or travelling with our tour. We will be staying at the clink on 13th August. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Hannah (and Drew)


If u need help picking up a sim. let me knw, also u lokng for a good phone or a cheap phone that does the job…

You can get a brand new nokia phone for £10 and it comes with £10 credit free…

If u like theatre, watch the lion king in london…its something worth watching…

My contact number is 07411317046 incase u need any help…tc…


RE: Hannah and Drew,

Nice to hear from more people on the trip, was beginning to wonder if there is anyone else on the adventure!
As for Greece, it looks like we sail around a bit, and have a couple of stopovers, though I could be wrong. Will be at the Clink on the 13th as well, so will prob see you then.

RE: Miru,

Hey thanks for the phone advice that sounds like a pretty good deal! Was just going to pick up a cheap phone here before I go or over there when I arrive. Will get something fancier later.
Thanks for th contact details as well, will text you when I get sorted. Cheers.



Re: hannah and drew

Hi…nice to hear from u… cant wait for the trip to begin…

will be meeting up with u lot on the 14th morning as wil be coming to clink at 6am in the morning…

im traveling with my girlfriend and its her birthday while we are on the trip so trying to plan something for her…

so u come to london on sat?

Im just making a list of al the things i need to buy…its quite alot…so trying to sort it out asap…

take care…se ya soon


That’ll be a fab way to spend a birthday! Where will we be on the day? Are you guys from London originally then? I’m from near Birmingham but as I said my boyfriend is from Australia.

I’m a bit worried about packing everything I’ll need. I hadn’t even considered until yesterday that in Switzerland we’ll be in the snow on one day!

How much money are you taking in cash from the start? I’ve got ‘the week before travelling worries’ hehe.

Anyway, it’ll be great to meet you all. Bright and early on 14th!



Yeah me and my gf are fron london…

I think we are going to be in barcelona on the day of her bday… still havent figured out what i wana do for her…

Thought would do something extra special as this is our 1st trip anywhere…

I wana do something with her… but also thought would be nice if we could celebrate her bday with everyone on tour… what u think??

Oh dint know we gona be in the snow…dint think about that…thanks

dont know how much cash to take…but do carry a credit card…mastercard if u can…they have slightly better rates…but make sure to inform ur bank u travelling otherwise they can block the cards at times if u use abroad… im still thinking hw much to take…

same here…bit worried on forgetting things…


Thanks for the tips!

I hope you’re not affected by the riots.

Maybe you could send topdeck an email and let them know about your gfriends bday. Then maybe the meal we have as a group could include a birthday cake and a sing of happy birthday for her and on the free day you guys could do something nice together.

I think the snow is an option in Switzerland if you want to go up the jungfrau thing. I’m praying for good weather for the tour. Are you on the European adventure or the other tour that joins from the start?

Not long now! I’m counting the days until I finish work for 5 weeks!


hi my names nicole and im from nz and am also doing the european adventure, good to see that there are others doing it too, can’t wait for it to start as should be heaps of fun :slight_smile:



My friend and I (both from Liverpool, England) are on the Eastern Pathways 21 day tour. Our tour starts in Rome on the 27th August where I believe we join up with you guys on the European Adventure and then head to Greece for the Sailing…I cant wait! :slight_smile:


Just booked my Eastern Pathways tour today! If, as Jaysilk says, this tour does join with the European Adventure then I’ll be seeing plenty of you in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait!


Yeah Chris, it says on my itinerary that we do :slight_smile: