EUROPEAN ADVENTURE 13th May - 15th June 2018


Howdy Adventurers!

Just looking for my fellow European Adventurers leaving London on the 13th of May for a 34 day fun filled, action packed adventure through Europe!

Just shout out if you’re heading on this trip, with the idea being that we hit the ground running with a crew that are not complete strangers! Any other Kiwis on this trip yet?

Who else is travelling solo? Or is this your 2nd or 3rd trip with topdeck? What pointers do the rest of you have for the few of us with no clue? Is there any threads we should be checking out? Posts to follow?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you Adventures soon! :metal:


Hey! I’m doing the European Adventure Trip starting 13th May!
Unfortunately I’m not a Kiwi, Australian from Melbourne, Victoria.

I am travelling solo :slight_smile: doing two weeks of the UK by myself pre the tour.
I’ve never been on a TopDeck tour before but lots of my friends have and they loved it.
Very excited to go to Europe as this is my first time going there! In terms of threads I’m not sure as of yet! been busy booking the rest of my travels.

Nice to meet you Nathan!


Hey Em!

Nice to meet you too! I think there will be a few solo travelers on the trip. I’m doing a couple days in Singapore on my way over to London, which I will have about 4 days at my sisters place before the trip starts. I’ve heard great things about top deck too, my friends are currently in Egypt with Topdeck and loving it!

I have booked return flights 3 weeks after the tour in case there is a few spots I want to go back to after the trip with Topdeck, or if anyone makes some good suggestions, I already have a few ideas up my sleeve.

I’ll make a Facebook Group and maybe we can talk some more Adventurer ideas there!

Any other Adventurers that has booked this trip just shout out and I’ll send you the link!

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon! Happy Adventuring!


Hi all!

I’m Jarryd, 29, from Melbourne. Travelling solo, looking forward to the European Adventure, arriving in London on the 10th.

Done a few tours in the past (17-ish countries and counting!) and really keen to check out the rest of Western Europe, most looking forward to the skydiving in the Swiss Alps (I think that’s where we get the chance?) and being in Monte Carlo the week of the Grand Prix.

Can’t wait to meet everyone!


Me and my roommate Lauren will be joining you guys in Budapest :slight_smile: Can’t wait!