European Adventure 11 september


Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone else has booked the european adventure tour starting on 12 september?? :slight_smile:
and if anyone has any tips for camping!!!/good things to pack!

Sami :slight_smile:


Hey Sami,

I’m on that trip :slight_smile: you need to post under european tours, not general discussions, then you’ll get more hits!




I’m from Australia and am also going on this trip!

do you have facebook or anything?

  • Tarryn


I’m actually on Western Crossing, which is the same, just we only do half (so our trip ends in Rome)

I’m so excited!! Ya I have facebook, and the topdeck facebook page is super helpful.

My email is

So you guys travelling alone?


Hey Sarah, That’s great to share your personal experience. I am also on trip to vietnam. Happy journey Sarah.


Hi guys! Did you all go on this one? How was it? Im tossing up between this one and the Grand European the whole camping is scaring me!!! Thanks heaps!!


Hey Everyone, I’m on this trip to! Can’t wait! I have started a discussion in the European forum but have only had the one reply.

When do you all get into London? I’m on a trip before this one, so I get back into London on the night of the 8th of December and have to get to the Clink from the UMI Hotel in Bayswater, which is worrying me a bit 0 I’ve heard bad things about both the tubes and the taxis in London.


Oops, just re-read my post and it’s September I mean, not December.