I did the European Wonder with 2 mates and this is by far once of the best ways to see most of Europe.

We found that was saw more places in 2 weeks than people do in their entire lifetime!! It is well worth it and I highly recommend this tour…

We had a great mix of people on board from Australia, South Africa, Canada, USA and New Zealand, not to mention THE BEST Top Deck leader, Kate aka Polly Pocket and the friendliest and funniest Driver, Deyan aka DIDDY! These guys were just awesome!

This tour didn’t seem too rushed and gave you lots of flexibility to do your own thing. For instance in Paris we decided not to do the optional on the second day and did our own sightseeing and tour of Paris. I strongly recommend getting up nice and early, enjoying a Parisian Breakfast on the sidewalk to start your day, then head into the Lourve for a few hours. After The Lourve, we jumped on the open Air Double decker sightseeing bus for about 35 euro and saw all the spots we wanted to see. great thing with this bus is that you can get on and off as many times as you like and you have audio tour guide commentary on board! well worth it and you get to see lots…

All and all if you dont have much time in europe and want to see as much as you can this is the perfect tour…

Would definitely go again and havent stopped “reliving” all the great times we had!

Travel Tips:
Paris: Use day 2 in Paris to sight see and try and fit in as much as you can! (see above for example)
Switzerland: Definitely do the optional up to Jungfrau. You will have no regrets whatsoever!
Florence/Rome: try and dine at the small local & traditional restaurants!
Venice: Go deep into the small alleys and streets of Venice. Heaps of cool shops and great shopping!
Austria: if you like a good thrill, do the paragliding optional! small tip: when you get your video done ask your paragliding guy if his camera is HD, the quality will be a lot better when he is filming.
Amsterdam: Go crazy! this place is buzzing and has a great atmosphere and lots to do. Strongly recommend a trip to the Heineken Experience… Streets surrounding Dam Square has great shopping… Also check out Rembrant Square at night. Some cool clubs and bars… The Bulldog Cafe is a must visit even if you dont smoke but there are heaps of other cool cafes in the Red Light Dist. and of course the red light district is a real eye opener…

Hope i’ve helped…


Thanks for the information and tips. I am booked on the European Wonder tour next year. There are some Countries that were never on my radar to visit until I booked this tour so I didn’t know much about what to do while in those countries. Your posted has given me some ideas and where to start searching for what I might want to do.