Europe winter tour November



Just wondering if anyone is planning to do a winter Europe trip in November? I will be going on my own and interested in knowing if any others are in the same boat :slight_smile:


hey teegan.

me and my friend are doing the winter spirit on the 20th of november.

we are keen even though its still ages till we go. you should so do it - it sounds like a sick trip.

sam and james.


I think I’ll book in on the 24th of November at least it’s a guaranteed departure and it’s still close enough to get excited haha it’s my 21st present :slight_smile:


hahah my bad i totally read the dates wrong - im going 20 of december.

have fun - thats a sick 21st present why dont you do it with a friend?


Hi Teegan,

I am going to do the Winter Spirit on 22 November on my own. It’s a guaranteed departure…

You should definitely come along!


Hi Kelly :slight_smile:

Oh that’s exciting, yes the 24th departure? Where abouts are you from? I’m so excited to go hopefully I can get my flights sorted this week


I am on the 22 November WInter Spirit…

I am from about an hour away from Adelaide.


I’m doing winter getaway 3rd-20th November solo :slight_smile:


me & a friend are contemplating the winter getaway, not sure from the 3rd or 24th though :slight_smile:
[so glad uni ends in October! haha]


I just booked winter getaway the 3rd of November till the 20th! Get excited people! :smiley: