Europe Winter Getaway Nov 3


Wondering who else is going on this trip?

I’ll be joining the group in Paris.
Traveling solo from Vancouver, Canada.

will spend 5 more days in Paris after the tour ends.
Can’t wait to meet all my tour mates!



Hi! Are you going on the one that leaves November 18th? Cause I think Im doing the same one as you then! Im travelling solo from Sydney :slight_smile:


Whoops! I meant november 24th haha- I go on the one that leaves from London on November 24th :slight_smile:


Hello there,
Yes I am doing the winter getaway that leaves 3rd of nov.
I am from australia but currently working in england. Cant wait for this trip and to meet all the new people! :slight_smile:



By the way, does anyone know how cold it will be? As we are travelling all different places in Europe??



theres a Facebook page for the winter getaway leaving the 3rd of november :slight_smile: you guys should join it
or the tour radar on the top deck fb page