Europe Winter Getaway 9th January 2011


Hi everyone,
Just wondering if there is anyone else travelling solo on this trip?
Also if you have any tips for this trip!


Hi Danielle.

I am doing the Europe Winter Getaway but I leave Jan 8. Assuming it is the same tour?

Couldnt help but notice we have the exact same name too… :o


Yeah it is the 8th, just checked sorry!
That’s pretty cool we have the same name! Are you going by yourself too?
Where abouts on the goldcoast do you live…I have a sister up there!



Awesome! Pretty freaky about the name thing…I dunno about you but I get Dani? We will have to come up with different names so no one gets confused haha.
Yeah I am doing the tour by myself…was meant to be traveling with a friend but she cant come anymore :frowning:
I live in Sorrento…kinda near Bundall/Surfers. Where does your sister live? Where are you staying before the tour leaves?

Dani :slight_smile:


Hi Girls

I am also going on this trip - was originally scheduled to go on the 2nd, but changed onto this one. I am also travelling solo for this trip! I will be in London from the 29th December through to the tour starting and then travelling onto South America after the tour.

Would be keen to catch up with anyone that is around before the tour starts.


Hi Rach

Always good to know you arent the only one going alone…I have found a couple of other girls that are going too. Have you got facebook? PM your address and we can chat on there.


weeee!!! how exciting is this! we have 2 danielles, and 2 rachaels! cant wait to meet you all!


haha this is going to be confusing!!
Dani-my sister lives in Upper Coomera-I think thats not far from Bundall?
I’m staying in the Clink before the tour starts so we should all definately meet before the tour, is that where most of us are staying?


Hi Girls,

Me and my friend Alicia are also going on this trip and staying at clink beforehand from the 5th of Jan we should all meet up there before the tour starts. i cant wait im so excited :slight_smile:



Danielle-it is bout 15-20 from where I am so not that far!

Hi Jess that is awesome! If you have facebook I can send you my address and same goes for anyone else on this tour!! Just let me know :slight_smile:

Super excited!


sure send me your address and ill add you on facebook. im so excited ;D hopefully it wont be to cold though. has anyone started getting stuff ready for the trip yet?


haven’t really started getting anything ready…is everyone just taking a backpack?
packings going to be hard!!


Hey Girls,
I’m also doing this tour, booked it last weekend and got the final seat on the bus so look like its gonna be a full one.
I’m also gonna be in London before the tour I get there on the 1st of December, I was also looking at staying at clink too it looks really cool and not too expensive :slight_smile:



im thinking of taking a backpack, im going to start all my shopping next wk :slight_smile:


Two more checking in for this tour, not long now!


Hiya all!!

I’ll be on this tour as well! looking forward to it! ;D