Europe Winter Expedition 11/12/18 - 7/01/19


Hey guys,
Who else is going on this trip departing 11 Dec? I will be going by myself, so I’m quite nervous but super excited at the same time!
Can’t wait to meet to explore with everyone and have a White Christmas :slight_smile:


Hi Steph!
I’m also going on this one travelling solo :grinning: super excited!!!


Yay! How exciting is it :laughing: have you ever done a Topdeck tour or travelled solo before?


My housemate and I are also doing this trip :slight_smile:

Last year I travelled in NZ alone, did a Topdeck tour. Really looking forward to this one!
Would highly recommend jumping on the Topdeck app before the trip and start talking to everyone on your trip :smile:


Oh really! Yeah I’m super excited now. I’m already on the app :smiley:


My best mate and I are going as well, so excited :smiley:


I’m traveling solo as well! A bit nerve wracking but I can’t wait!

Also what’s everyone’s preferred mode of luggage? Backpacks or suitcases?


I know the feeling, but once we meet everyone it will be heaps of fun :slight_smile:
I am taking a case just because i will find it easier to live out of for 4 weeks lol