Europe weather in Sep/Oct


Hey Everyone,

I’m doing the Grand European in September and October. I was wondering what the weather would be like…

If anybody has travelled at this time of year, can you please let me know what your experience was like?

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi Jess

After doing a short tour through UK/Ireland at the end of Aug 2009 where either a jumper or raincoat was worn virtually every day, I then did a Europe trip from early Sept to early Oct 2009 and the weather was fantastic.

It hardly rained at all. I pretty much only had to wear a jumper when up in the mountains. Even though it was sunny most of the time, I only put on sunscreen once and that was when I was spending a whole day in the sun, exploring then swimming and walking along the beach at Nice (French Riviera).

It should get warmer as you head to Barcelona, French Riviera and Italy, but might get a little bit cooler as you head north.


That’s great to hear, thanks a lot! It sounds like a great time of year.
I was wondering weather or not it would be getting colder. I’m off to Ireland as well :slight_smile: