Europe Unplugged


I am planning to book this trip this week, I know it is super far in advance but I don’t want to miss out, hehe :slight_smile:

Is anyone else planning to book for this trip??



Which month are you going? I’m booking the one for may 23-june 14th later this week! So excited!!!


Hey :slight_smile:

I booked this trip already, I’m going to be doing the 5th - 26th September 2013 trip. Can’t wait! Which trip are you thinking of booking?


Aahhhh…I’m planning to the one mid August, the guaranteed date! Will see if I can’t maybe juggle my plans, be great to get to know a few people before setting off :slight_smile:


I’m planning doing on this trip from the 13th of June 2013 should be finalising my booking this week. I think its going to be an awesome trip, I’ve also read that you can upgrade to a chalet at a lot of the campsites which is a added bonus B-)


Trip has been boooked!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking to change my idea on dates for my trip…thinking mid june too!!! :smiley:


I think mid June is a good date as its the hight of summer then so better chance of good weather.