Europe Unplugged


Hi guys, is anyone else going on the Europe Unplugged tour beginning on June 28th? Or has anyone done it before?


In 2012 that is.


I’ve never been, but my boyfriend and I are going on this trip in 2012.


Awesome, excited? Are you going on this date?


Yeah! That’s us. The 28th. We’re really excited…in the process of buying backpacks. A little early to get a flight, but that’s up next. Been to Europe before?


Awesome I’ll see you there. :slight_smile: Haha don’t worry I’ve got my flights already too. Yeah mu mum is Irish so I’ve been to Ireland before but nowhere else in Europe. How about you?


That’s dope! My boyfriend is Irish-American (ha) and we’ve been to Ireland, too. It was so gorgeous and green there. One of our favorite places. We’ve also been to Amsterdam, Cologne, London and Paris. I’m really excited about Italy and Switzerland, Austria too (pretty much excited about everything!). Are you considering any of those optionals?


I’m booked in for the 30th of August departure, mines not a guaranteed departure so I’m a tiny bit worried it will get cancelled, but the dates suited me the best.
Hope you guys have a blast on your tour! :smiley:


hey, me and my friend have just booked ourselves onto this trip on the same dates :slight_smile: we’re really excited!! this will be our first time in a lot of these places