Hey…am going on the Europe Unplugged tour leaving on the 23rd June 2011! Anyone else going on this tour??


Hi Erica,
I am doing the 23rd June Unplugged tour - sounds like it will be fun!


Hey John…that’s awesome, glad to have found another person going on the tour! Am very excited…can’t wait! Is it your first time travelling?


Hey Erica. I have been to Europe before, but haven’t really seen much, and never by myself. So I am really looking forward to it…I am counting down the weeks now, not far away! How about you Erica, have you travelled much before?


Oh ok, cool! No, haven’t done much travelling…just parts of the UK! This will be my first Europe trip…less than two months to go now!!:slight_smile:


Yeah it is getting very close now. Are you doing any more travelling in Europe after the tour? I have a further 6 weeks in UK/Europe afterwards.


Nice! Where else are u planning on visiting? Nope, would love to stay longer but sadly have to be at work:( the monday after the tour ends…so will be heading home! Hoping to do more travelling next year though!


That’s too bad…the tour will be great though. I am looking at doing Spain/Portugal for a couple weeks, and Ireland for a couple weeks. Not sure what else yet.