Europe Unplugged


Hey guys,[br][br]We’re leaving on the 5th of Aug on this tour and Top Deck hasn’t got back to me on my questions yet!Can anyone please tell me what facilities are available on the camping sites?[br][br]1. hair dryer?[br]2. plug points? what r the european sockets like? where to charge phones?[br]3. showers/hot water? do we have to pay for them? what abt toilets?[br]4. do we pay for anything else once we get there?[br]5. how bad are the ticket queues for major sights like the Louvre?[br]6. any lockers available for the expensive stuff? free/paid?[br]7. how accessible are the town centres from the camps? any shuttles like globetrotter?[br]8. washing machines? dryers?[br][br]anything else u think we should know as well…[br][br]Thanks a lot in advance![br]


Hi Shri[br][br]Our tour starts on the 12th August and it will be good to see the replys you get. [br]Check an old posting i did: Europe Unplugged feedback. You will find some answers to your questions. [br][br]Cheers[br]Susan[br]


Hi Shri, [br][br]I am one of the reservations consultants for Topdeck Travel and would be glad to help answer your questions. Please find my replies below - [br][br]1. Hair dryer? - There are no hair dryers provided on the trip, if you would like to take one you are more than welcome. Not all campsites will have power points in the shower blocks so you may find that there are some occasions when you will not be able to use it.[br]2. Plug points? What r the European sockets like? Where to charge phones? - The European power points are different to the British power points. They are 2 pronged plugs and adaptors can be purchased at all good camping store, just let the shop assistant know you need it for Europe. You will be able to charge your phone whilst on the trip either in the shower block or at power points around the campsite. These will not be accessible everyday so we suggest charging whenever you are able to or taking spare batteries if possible, this also applies to your camera. [br]3. Showers/ hot water? Do we have to pay for them? What about toilets? ? Showers will be at all the campsites we use and most of them provide hot water. On occasions during peak season some of the campsite struggle to meet the demands due to the number of people using the shower and as such are not able to provide hot water 24 hours a day. You will also need to pay for some of these showers, these charges are not enforced by Topdeck, but are by the campsites. Your tour leader will try and advise you of this prior to arriving at the site. Regarding toilets it is standard practise in Europe to be charged for the use of public toilets. This normally cost under ?1. [br]4. Do we pay for anything else once we get there? - Whilst on tour you will have a few optional excursions to choice from. The tour leader will talk to the entire group about these and give you the cost of each one. These are not compulsory and passengers do not have to do these. You will also find a list of optional on your personalised itinerary so you can decide which ones you would like to do prior to departure. Whilst on your trip you will also need to consider entrance fees into the major sites and any spending money you will require for souvenirs and any meals that are not included. [br]5. How bad are the ticket queues for major sights like the Louvre? - Depending on the time of year and when you arrive at the sight there may be long queues. It is advisable that you decide which sights you want to see the day before to avoid lining up and missing out. This will not apply to all the sights, but it is worth keeping in mind. You can always talk to your trip leader; they will be able to give you the best advice. [br]6. Any lockers available for the expensive stuff? Free/paid? - All personal and expensive items taken on your trip are your responsibility and Topdeck do not take any liability for passenger?s property. We recommend that you do not take anything of extreme value with you. [br]7. How accessible are the town centres from the camps? Any shuttles like globetrotter? - At all times Topdeck will try and use campsites that are easily accessible to towns/cities. On occasions when they are further out we have chosen them as they have better facilities and are of a higher standard. If this is the case we will try and get the coach to pick-up and drop-off passengers in town at set times. [br]8. Washing machines? Dryers? ? At some of the campsite you will be staying at washing machines and dryers are available for use. These will have a minor charge and you will need to provide your own washing power. [br][br]I hope this is of some help and you have a fantastic time on your trip. [br][br]Kind regards[br]Lisa Stevenson[br]Topdeck Travel