Europe Unplugged!


Hi:)[br][br]Was wondering if there was anyone out there going on this tour? Esspecially the one leaving on 15 July. I am South African and kind of travelling on my own. Would love to hear from anyone else on this tour. I have met one other and I hear this tour is full. [br][br]So excited now![br][br]Lindy:)


Yea mate haha im going with a group of us 10 kiwis guna ace if u wana chat feel free ta add me[br][br]o_0


Hey ja![br][br]Awesome more people! Its gona be great - ru staying at globettotter the night before? Im going on my own my I have made friends with another south african girl going on her own. What ru doing this year? We both gap students at different schools. [br][br]You can also mail me at[br][br]Chat soon[br]Lindy


Hi Everyone leaving on 15th of July on Europe Unplugged [br][br]Iv been chatting to Jen and Lauren and we thought about pre-booking tickets for the bigger sights so we dont have to wait in the long lines and save time. Please let us know if you interested - either post back here or email us. For the Colosseum for need minimum 14 people to get a good deal.[br][br]We also looking to book other tickets into Louvre etc. [br][br]Looking forward to hearing from you all - not long now[br][br]Lindy and Jen


Hi All[br][br]One week left! Just want to see if there anymore people out there on this tour? [br]Can’t wait for the fun![br][br]Linds