Europe Unplugged


Hey All,[br]just another post to see whether anybody else is doing the europe unplugged camping tour from September 12 to October 3??? Its fast approaching![br][br]Alexis :slight_smile:


im on that tour![br][br]gettin hell excited now:)


Yay! Do u know any one else going on it yet and are u travelling with friends or just by yourself? [br][br]Alexis :slight_smile:


im goin with a mate from school, but hes the only person i know of.[br][br]wat about yourself?


I’m travelling by myself, so don’t know any others![br][br]I’m from perth, whereabouts are u guys from?


fair enuf.[br][br]yer were both from adelaide.[br][br]wen do you get in to london?


I’m flying into London on the 9th and staying at the generator til we leave. Wbu?[br][br]Btw do u have facebook?[br][br]


yer leaving for london on the 8th, n then im pretty sure were staying at the generator, otherwise somewhere else in the area.[br][br]and i do have facebook. look me up :slight_smile:


i tried to find u, but there were too many Sam McDougall’s to choose from! haha[br]so look me up instead, coz i don’t think they’d be too many Alexis Darby’s :slight_smile:


lol, hopefully i got the right one. did u get my request?


Yep that’s me! :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m planning on going on this tour next September (2010). Please let me know how it goes and any tips!!