Europe Unplugged


Hey! I’m an aussie girl working in Denmark for a year and am booked on the unplugged tour from July 15 by myself. Just wondering if anyone out there is on that tour too?


Hi there. We will be on the same tour - departing London 15 July. There will be 4 of us coming from Canberra, Aust. Can’t wait!;D


Hey, awesome! Great to finally hear that there are others going on this tour, esp. from Aust. Are you staying at the Globetrotter the night before? So excited!!


i know 2 of us are, not sure where the other pair are staying yet. yes it’s very exciting. we are doing the running of the bulls tour and 4 days in scotland can’t wait


Hi! I am also on this tour. Going on my own too! I am a South African Gap Student in England this year!


Hey SA Gappie, great to hear someone else is heading out on their own too! Can’t wait to meet up :slight_smile: [br][br]And i’d love to go running with the bulls but i only have three weeks hols at the moment so i’m literally using everyday on this tour, which is good.


Hi Jen_aus_dk, I am so glad that their is someone else travelling by themselves. I look forward to meeting you to. I might stay at Globetrotter the night before will just see. I was also hoping to see running of bulls etc but my funding just didnt allow a longer tour! Any way I will also be making the absolute most of this tour it looks great! Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:


Hey[br][br]I’m also coming on the tour. Can’t wait. I got the last ticket! Lucky or what? I’ve got a longer holiday so I am going off again once the tour is finished. Not sure what yet but something good and not expensive. I’m going to work for a few weeks.[br][br]See u on the tour[br]Lauren


Hey Lauren,[br]Great to hear you decided to come on the tour, that’s awesome![br]jen


Hi Jen!! My name is Jess and I am going on this tour in August… But I was just wondering if you are the same Jen that is friends with Julie W. As I am the Jess who left just before you arrived. Yay Denmark!!![br][br]Love Jess xo


PS Jen: If you ever want to hang out or a tour guide in London, just let me know. I live just outside the city in a great area with lots of trendy pubs and I would be happy to show you around.


OMG! The famous Jess! Yup, i’m that Jen, and i can’t believe you found me on this website. Crazy Stuff! I would love to catch up with you so please email me ( and we can catch up :slight_smile: That would be sooo awesome!


Hi there![br]Not long until the tour now, soooo excited! Just wondering if anyone else who was going on this tour was thinking about buying tickets for the museums etc in advance, or if there’s anyone out there who has been on this tour that would recommend doing this??[br][br]Cheers, jen :slight_smile:


Hey Jen![br][br]So excited now too - not long to go. Lauren and I have booked into the Globetrotter the night before so will see you then. I have also been trying to see who else is coming. Lauren got the last place so I know its full. Yay cant wait its going to be soooo much fun. [br][br]Well enjoy Denmark![br][br]Lindy


Hi Jen[br][br]I was also wondering about booking tickets. Lauren and I are going to meet next week and try decide on few things. I would have thought booking the Eiffel Tower would be good. I have a student card that gets discounts too. I suppose if we book then it will save time - esspecially as we going to be in Paris on a Saturday! Why dont you email me,[br][br]Have a good day[br]Linds


Heya ppl im andy hows it going haha this trip is guna be mint lol, any big groups going? Theres a big group of us kiwis going 10 of us, just thought id chat to sum of ya ppl going, if u wana chat feel free ta add me[br][br]o_0


Hi all[br][br]Cant wait only 3 weeks to go! Jen and I are keen to pre-book tickets and we need a big group for some of the bigger sights so if you interested please post back here or email us. ( or We need minimul 14 people for colosseum to get a good deal. Booking tickets would mean jumping the lines and therefore saving time![br][br]So excited now[br]Lindy


Anyone interested?


One Week to go! So excited now![br][br]We gona have to much fun, see you all soon[br]Linds


Hi all…[br]Abit late here… just stumbled into this…[br]=P I am going alone too![br][br]Cya