Europe unplugged


Anyone attending the Europe Unplugged date of 27th June- 18th July? Im from Melbourne Australia and this is my first trip overseas and im pretty nervous that im coming on my own. if you are coming let me know:).


I’m on your tour!!! i was wondering if anyone was going on this one! I’m going with two friends! i’m so excited i can’t wait!


Hey, I’ll be seeing you two on the second half of the trip, me and a friend will be joining in Rome!


hey! My boyfriend and I will also be on the second half of the trip![br]We are from Australia but have been in the UK for 7 1/2 months now! We are really looking forward to travelling Europe in the summer![br][br]~jEsS~


Hi, I’m looking at booking this trip!! I was let down by my friend so looks like i would be going on my own and I’ve never done anything like this before but really wanna go! Mite just book it and go for it! Hmmmmm…??? Liam


Liam, just do it! You’ll be so happy you did and if you don’t, you’ll always find an excuse! I’ve heard going solo isn’t even a problem at all. You’ll be with PLENTY of people doing the same thing. Book the trip that starts on Aug 8th! That’s the one me and my friend are on![br][br]Europe Unplugged Aug 09


ill be all alone on the European Unplugged from the 8th of August - and i honestly cant wait :slight_smile: ive travelled by myself and its the best thing you can do - i cant wait[br][br]Den


hey[br]sorry im not going until the 22nd Aug, but let me know how it goes! i cant wait!![br][br]Europe Unplugged[br]22nd Aug - 12 Sept 2009[br]


Hey![br]I’m on the June 27th one too. Flying solo and really excited![br]Theres a facebook group for people who did it in 2007 and their photos look amazing![br][br]Ruby[br]Perth


25th July anyone?![br][br]Europe Unplugged[br]25th July - 15th August 2009


Only 3 weeks to go!!!;D


10 DAYS AND COUNTING!!! Can’t wait to go - booked it a few weeks ago and its come round rli quick!! Going with a friend who I’ve only known for a few weeks so itll b good to get to know everyone! Has anyone prebooked anythin like the eiffel tower or the louvre so u dont hav to queue wen u get there?! Or do we not hav to!?[br]Liam