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Hi everyone! I am going to be taking this trip from june 13th to july 4th! I am super excited, have any of you taken it b4?[br]Also is there anyone else going the same time as me!!![br]i wonder what i should pack?[br]


Sorry! Aug 8th!


Hey I did the southern nomad trip last year (london to venice) in July! was so amazing!!! met amazing ppl (was travelling alone so was a bit worried but most of the ppl traveling on the tour were traveling solo and like half were aussie or NZ) [br]In terms of wat to pack - [br]* bring some warm clothes (i was like… its summer i will be sweet with just thongs and singlets and stuff) but switerland and even paris were a bit cold (snowing on the mountain in switerland!)[br]* Italy on the other hand is hot! so summer clothes r good!!![br]* 1 or 2 nice night outfits will do - and some nice flats or flatish shoes are good (heels don’t work with cobble stones)! paris, monoco, florence and rome (oh and toga party in venice) were awesome nights![br]* bring vitamins or something like that to keep u healthy - longs days, changing temps, bustrips, drinking, and camping can lead to alot of ppl getting a cold or coughs[br]* if u really need hairstraightners and excessive make up then so be it but remember u r camping… plugs and mirrors r not always easily available and surely the space in ur bag can be used more effectivly![br]* Phone is good ( and other electrical stuff such as ipods) but can be hard to recharge cause u don’t want to standing round a powerpoint watching it while it recharges and then u don’t want to leave it there just in case its stolen or something[br]* Most importantly bring spare memory cards for cameras! u will take so many pic and i found it a nightmare when my card was full and i was only half way through the trip![br][br]any other questions, feel free to ask! i had an amazing trip and i’m sure u will too![br][br]happy travelling![br]rikki[br][br]


Thank so much nikki!!! [br]I am so excited, it feels a bit surreal at the moment:)[br]I am going solo yes![br]And thank you for the advice on what to pack much appreicated!!![br]take care[br]Jessica


I’m going May 2nd. D’oh!


hey rikki… see we have alot of optional excuisions we cna go on, and im a bit worried for money wise, im not to sure how much to bring i was going to bring 1 credit card and also bring about 1,000$ with me.[br]do you think that would be enough!!![br]thanks [br]Jessica


Hey,[br]in terms of money, bring as much as u are willing to spend… remember most of the optional extras need to be paid for with cash (not credit card - except for the big things i think like skidiving) so make sure u have enough cash to last u and aren’t relying on credit (atms are pretty much available everywhere - especially the italian campsites, not so much with the french ones). I spent about $800 in the 12days I did, but that includes the switerland mountain trip which is pretty expensive.[br][br]As costly as the optional extras r, they r lots of fun. The paris cruise was only 8 euro, but was awesome cause it was great bonding time with ur new travel buddies. But others like the switerland jungfrau mountain, and the vatican are expensive but hey, its something u’ll only ever do once in ur life so y not…[br][br]Happy travelling,[br]Rikki


Hey Rikki, thanks for all your help, it is much appreicated!!![br]I have one more question… i am having a hard time finding a backpack, because i also need to bring a sleepingbag. and i want one where i can pack it at the bottom of my backpack, not that its inside the backpack, cause it will be a drag to keep pulling it out all the time. what kind of backpack did you have!!![br]Jessica.


hey bella, [br][br]a lot of backpacks have a separate compartment at the bottom. it keeps your sleeping bag away from your other stuff, but its still accessible and you dont have to dig thru the rest of your stuff to get at it. depending on the size of your sleepingbag, you could fit other stuff in the compartment too. just check out lots of stores and online before you buy anything![br][br]Meredith[br]Olympic Link Aug 7 - 27


meredith has a good point… i have gheard of those backpacks with compartments at the bottom too… would be a good idea… just make sure u have a sleeping bag that fits in the compartment, and also make sure u have a sleeping bag that is easy to roll up and fit in the bag… last thing u want is to have to wrestle with it til it fits in the bag… i bought my sleeping bad at argos (in london)… it was cheap and i didn’t want to trek it round the world from australia… only issue was i went for the bigger size sleeping bag thinking it would be more comfy but was impossible to fit back in the bag! by the end of my trip i gave up and just would take it on the bus with me instead of rolling it up to put it away[br][br]happy travels[br]rikki


Did you guy notice?? Our optionals are up! woot woot![br][br]Europe Unplugged Aug 09


Hey girls thanks so much<3! i will go to canadian tire… some of the back packs are cheap but are very good![br]i know i will not need a winter sleeping bag so i will buy a summer one and thin:)[br]and yes i saw that for our optional excusrions! surper excited! a bit pricy but like rikki said why not be it we will prob only do it once right?[br]when i comes for a belt aka fanny pack, i am thinking of getting a money belt, although i want to keep all my money on me instead of running back and forth into a bank all the time. also on our optional excurusions are we aloud to use our credit cards??[br]rikki do u have msn also??


Hey Everyone! I’m going on this trip departing July 4…super excited! [br]-Martin


[quote]Originally posted by rekerm[br]
Hey Everyone! I’m going on this trip departing July 4…super excited! [br]-Martin[br][/quote][br]hey martin!!! see yoru going the day my tour ends! im going june 13th to july 4th!!! have a wonderful trip!!


When does yours end? We’ll be in London on the 6th of August![br][br]Europe Unplugged Aug 09


My tour ends on July 25 in London, but I’ll be cutting out early in Amsterdam the day before. I’ve got LOTS of family in Holland (my parents were Dutch immigrants) so I’ll be spending 3 weeks visiting them before I head back home to Canada.


Hey everyone![br]So im having having a hard time trying to find a backpack:( there are a couple i was interested in but they did not have the day pack at the bottom which kinda sucked… i will keep an eye out or if any of you know of any stores or anything or similar backpacks that had an bottom compartment!!![br]would be helpful![br]Thanks [br]Jessica:)[br]Europe Unplugged june 12th!


Hi![br]I’m on the 13th June trip too! Ging with my bf.[br]Where are you from Bella?[br][br]I just got my bag, it’s “Caribee Fast Track 85” It has bottom compartment thing they you can remove if it gets annoying.[br]Has wheels too if you can’t be bothered carrying it. I beleive it fits the dimensions- taking it anyway :)[br][br]Can’t wait!


[quote]Originally posted by KristyAustralia[br]
Hi![br]I’m on the 13th June trip too! Ging with my bf.[br]Where are you from Bella?[br][br]I just got my bag, it’s “Caribee Fast Track 85” It has bottom compartment thing they you can remove if it gets annoying.[br]Has wheels too if you can’t be bothered carrying it. I beleive it fits the dimensions- taking it anyway :)[br][br]Can’t wait![br][br]Hey Kristy!!![br]wow im so excited i will know at least 2 ppl on the tour thats awesome that your going![br]Im Jessica-Lee by the way.[br]For my backpack, i dont think i am going to get one with wheels and stuf, its hard to find a backpack as i live in a small town in northern ontario.[br]are you and your bf staying at the generator hostel or the umi hotel? when i arrive on june 11th i will be staying at the generator![br]im so excited that i know you will be on the same tour as me.[br]


Hi Jessica[br][br]We’re staying at both places. We arrive i lond around 1 week before the trip so we’re staying at the UMI for that bit, then we’ll mov to the Generator the night before the tour leaves so we don’t have to trek there from another hotel so ealry in the morning![br]Well I think we’ll be staying at the Generator. We were booked for the Globetrotter where the tour used to go from and only just found out it’s closed down (our travel agent didn’t even now, we had to tell her, how dodgy! Oh well). So yea, I’m hoping we can still get into the Generator! We’ll so have to meet up that night if we do :)[br]I’m so amped about the trip![br]