Europe Unplugged tour- 5th August



Just wondering if anyone is doing the unplugged tour. I am doing it by myself and
just wondering was there anyone else doing this tour by themself as im a tad scared :slight_smile:

And im going to be in london from early July and was needing a travel buddy to
do either Ireland or Scotland (or both :slight_smile: ) if anyone was interested.

Im 18 years old and from Australia.

Brooke :slight_smile:


Hi Brook,
My gf and I are on your tour aswell :slight_smile:
Im sure there will be heaps of people doing it by themselves aswell.
we’re so excited.
We plan on doin scotland aswell, but after the tour.


Hey guys, im doing the grand european that ends at the end of august and then doing the ireland/britain explorer which does scotland as well! Runs from 28th aug to 11th sept i think! Join up :slight_smile: