Europe Unplugged Sept 8th


Hi Everyone,

My name is Stephanie and my friends name is Sonya. We are both 24 and leaving on the Europe Unplugged 22 day tour September 8th. We are going to explore London a few days on our own 5th-7th and staying at the Clink Hostel. We wanted to come here to get to know some people before we leave. Is anyone else going??

I will be celebrating my birthday with some local friends in Berlin…Can’t wait!!


Hi guys!

I am booked on this trip too - and really looking forward to it!
I’m 24 also but travelling on my own - well at least until I meet everybody :slight_smile: I’ve always met tons of lovely people on trips before so I expect this one will be the same!
Wow a birthday celebration in one of the best party cities in Europe…should be great!

I wont be coming to London until the morning of the 8th due to work but hope you enjoy exploring it! I guess I’ll meet everyone in the hostel - bright and early!


GREAT to meet you! I was originally going alone but I made my friend so jealous she booked to go with me! YAY! Can’t wait to meet you in person in only 1 week!