Europe unplugged or london to athens?


Hi guys![br][br]I wanna take a Topdeck camping tour in summer 2007,[br]especially interested in europe unplugged and london to athens.[br]my only problem is trying to decide which tour to do [br][br]could you please give me your feedback on your tour experiences?[br] [br][br][br]Thanks chloe


Hi Chloe!, [br][br]I cant give you feedback as I have yet to complete a tour, but I am booked on the Europe Unplugged for june, it looks to be a great tour! :)[br][br]Truth in our hearts,[br]Strength in our hands,[br]Consistency in our tongues.


Hey! :)[br][br]same again cant give you any feedback but i’m also booked on the euro unplugged tour but i’m off on the 9th sep! Cant wait…just hope i got enough spending money lol!![br][br]:sunglasses:


Hi Choloe!!! I haven’t done the tour but i’m signed up for the may tour…solo…I’m kinda worry…see how it might turn out…but i’m still stoked…


Hey Guys,[br][br]I am on the 23 day camping tour from London to Athens on 18 May and am really looking forward to it. I hope you guys on the Europe Unplugged have a great time, it looks like an awesome tour[br][br]Cass[br][br][br][br]Be Good, Or Be Good At It