Europe Unplugged May 6- May 26


Hi all,[br][br]Just wondering if anyone else who is doing this tour is staying at the Globetrotter the night before the tour?[br][br]My partner and I were hoping to meet up with others before the tour starts…


Hi[br]We’re going to be on the same tour, staying at the Globetrotter the night before as well so we should definitely meet up for a drink or something. I’m travelling with my partner as well, we are both 23, from Auckland NZ :stuck_out_tongue: We booked ages ago and you are the first person we have heard of that is also going on that trip.[br]Getting excited now, we leave in a few weeks to go to Thailand for a while on our way to London. Just trying to get everything organised, and desparately save money! [br]Look forward to meeting you[br]Jo[br]Get in touch by email if you want -[br]


Hi Jo,[br][br]Nice to hear from someone - we were beginning to think that maybe we were the only ones going! We booked ages ago too, but I guess it’s not really that far away now. Getting really excited, and a touch nervous too.[br][br]It’d be great to meet up for a drink or something beforehand, anyone else that wants to meet up is more than welcome.[br][br]Looking forward to hearing from some others soon.[br][br]Kate


Hi, I will be a recent grad from Vancouver, BC going on this camping trip solo…will there be any solo campers.??? In response to the two couples earlier…I think it would be a great idea to meet up for drinks prior to the trip. It would be my first time going to europe…so if you don’t mind…i think it’ll be great if we bond before we head out on our 21 day adventure!!


Hey Karmen,[br][br]Just got our pre-trip departure info…apparently we have a meeting the night before at the Globetrotter, so maybe we can all just catch up for drinks after that.[br][br]Not too long to go now! Can’t wait!


Hey all, I am a solo traveller too! SCARY. Its good to hear there is other single gals doin it too!! bit worried about travelling into London by myself but hey its all about the experience right…? I am from NZ and am heading out 3rd May. Be good to meet up at Globetrotter before we head off.


hey all,[br][br]i’m 23/f/aussie and travelling wif my friend and we booked this ages ago. we r staying the globetrotter on 5th and 6th of may before the tour starts. [br]i just can’t wait till i land in london. [br][br]kylie[br][br]kiwee


Hey ky_241,[br][br]Looks like we won’t be able to escape you guys…we are on the Edinburgh mini-break from 1st til 4th May too! And we are staying at the Globetrotter on the 4th and 5th before the tour.[br][br]Can’t wait, we leave a week from TODAY!!![br][br]Looking forward to meeting all you guys soon!


hey Steph Blake, what tour are you on? we are on the oddesy departing may 3.[br][br]“People never grow up, they just learn how to act in public.”


Hey all,[br]I am on the Europe Unplugged Tour departing 6th May. I would definately like to meet up the night before as i am travelling alone and will be at the Globetrotter (I think) both 4th and 5th of May. [br]Are you guys doing any other tours or anything before hand?