Europe Unplugged May 5 2011



I am taking the Europe Unplugged tour and thought it would be awesome to chat to anyone else who is on the same tour. Departing 5 May and returning 26 May.


Hi Tim,
I’m also going to be on the 5th may unplugged tour ;D can’t wait for the trip I’m traveling with my partner starting in London for 3 days before the tour then off on the unplugged adventure! After we have another 14 days before heading back home to Melbourne where we will probably road trip the uk winging it to some degree :slight_smile: what’s your plans while over there?
Cheers Michael.


Myself and my wife are travelling on the unplugged tour on the 5th of may,
we’re both very excited ;D, We’ve been living in the Uk (manchester) for 2 years and after this trip we’re heading home to Melbourne.
Tim, if your travlling


Hi guys,
Myself and my boyfriend are also on the unplugged tour. We are super excited, I can’t wait!!! :slight_smile:
Nice to see a few people from Melbourne are heading on the tour, we are also from Melbourne.
Looking forward to meeting you all!!!