Europe Unplugged! May 3rd 2012!


Going to book this tour soon hopefully! Is anyone else doing this one?!


Yay I am also doing this tour? have you done much travelling before?

Ciara from New Zealand!


Never been out of Australia before! Very excited! What about you? :slight_smile:


oh cool! same here feel like its coming around so slowly, i did a summer camp in America and travel Thailand last year but never been to Europe.


Ohhh I know! Though I still need more time to save! Getting the finances together is daunting! Ohh lucky! What was the summer camp experience like? I’d be open to doing that one day!


haha yeh im the same! where about in Australia do you live? it was really cool actually, you have to have a love of children but it is an amazing experience you learn so much and do things you never thought you would, although not being 21 at the time made going out with the other counsellors hard as they would go across to the bar and you couldnt get in. but i would recommend it.


I live in Tassie! :slight_smile: Have you been here before? (Or Australia at all?) :slight_smile: I like children! Except for the snot and vom hahah! Definitely something worth looking into though! Oh damn, the 21 dilemma! At least in Europe you won’t need to be 21! :smiley: So excited!


im doing this tour! coming from new zealand and living in england after the tours done :slight_smile:

gonna be amazing!


Hello, I am thinking to book this tour on 3rd of May as well :slight_smile:
but i have one question please, Is it your first time to travel with Topdick?

thank you