Europe unplugged May 23 '08


Hey…anyone heading out on this one? Love to meet a few of my new adventure friends. Drop me an email


hope you manage to find some people on your tour, otherwise hope you and the bus driver get on well :slight_smile: i’m doing this one in July so hope it’s a good tour otherwise might have to try and back out :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks…hoping i get to meet at least one new friend, even if it is the bus driver :slight_smile: my house mates and a couple of friends did this tour in '06 and they absolutely loved it!


the bus driver seems to be a popular person if you look through the forums :slight_smile: though i’m sure you’ll be able to find more than one new friend on the tour, that’s wicked to hear - always helps to hear good feedback about a tour ay. Are you stayin in london after the tour?


Yep…i’m staying. Felt like a new life adventure! Can’t wait! What about you?


yeah i’m staying on after the tour as well - it’s something i’ve always said i’m going to do “one day” and finally now actually going to do it! exciting but scary… looking forward to actually having a tour to do before settling into working - lucky it’s a guaranteed departure so it is actually happening even if no one is on the forums! :slight_smile: