Europe Unplugged May 2010


Hey All!![br] [br] My sister and I are from Canada, and will be heading out on the Europe Unplugged 2010 Tour departing on May 6th. : )[br][br] We will be arriving in London on May 1st and hanging out until departure on May 6th-- anyone staying at the Clink? Hoping that we can all start chatting on the forum and targetting any questions we may all share,. I’d love to hear thoughts on how people are prepping-- specifically looking for advice on sleeping bags! [br][br] Cheers! ;D[br]


Hi there, I am doing the same trip but in june… I have been searching for a sleeping bag and I am thinking the palm one is the way to go![br][br]kat


Just to let you know I got one on ebay for $50 including postage… Bargain it goes to 5 degrees and the brand is carabee…I am also taking a silk sleeping bag liner easy to wash and drys quickly![br][br]kat


The palm? Hmm… I’ll have to check that out. Do you think it’ll be warm enough? I heart ebaY!


I love ebay too!! I plan on trying it out once it gets a little chillier here but I think it will be the sleeping bag liners give you another 3+ degrees of warmth then I will just chuck trackies and a beanie on if its really cold!


Hi there, i am travelling on the same tour as you with two of my friends! Starting to get so excited!


Hey Lachy! That’s so great-- I can’t wait, it’s really coming up quick! Are you starting in London? My sister and I are staying at the Clink for a few days before hand (although, it sounds like we are going to sneak to Scotland for a bit first) let’s meet up for cocktails!


Yeah were starting in London, we will be there from 1-5 May before the tour (and also staying in London after the tour) but will only be staying at Clink on the 5th. Yeah it would be cool to meet people before the tour, so I’m in!


Only 30 more days until my sister and I take off to London! Getting so excited, and wanted to bump the thread to see if we have anymore peeps aboard the tour on the forum yet. ;D


Optionals just posted! ;D


I think I’m on the first half of this tour? I’m doing the Southern Nomad which finishes in Rome…can’t wait!


Hi! My boyfriend and I are going on european unplugged leaving 6th may too! We are 24 and from NZ. We’re staying at clink hostel for a couple of nights b4, hope to meet some of you!
Cheers, Kim :slight_smile:


Yeah man I am from NZ too. I’m current staying in the clinks. we should meet up and go site seeing