Europe Unplugged June 14th


Hey everyone,
Is anyone else on this trip? I’ll be traveling solo and would be cool to meet people on here beforehand. B-)


Hi me and my friend are going on the 14th of june trip :slight_smile: im Emma by the way x


Hi Emma, that’s great that you are traveling with a friend. Wish some of my friends could actually afford it or have time. haha Can’t wait though! ;D


Hey! I too am going solo on this one!
I’m Anna, and like, it’s cool to see that other people are already getting involved :slight_smile:


Hi Anna! :), hopefully more of us post.
Is anyone doing anything before or after the trip?
I’ll be in London the day before then staying at the Clink overnight. After the trip I have a few days before my flight so I’m going to try Scotland and Ireland if possible haha.


Hey guys!!! I’m also on this trip. Cannot wait!! :slight_smile:

I’m Sami and I’m from South Africa B-)

Just looking at your locations and it appears we already have quite a diverse group!

Alvin, I’m also staying at the Clink (12th and 13th June) :slight_smile:


Hey Sami that’s awesome, we should try to meet on the 13th. I don’t have any definite plans as to what I’m going to do that day haha. :slight_smile:


Ok sure, sounds great :slight_smile: I was planning on doing some major sightseeing on the 13th coupled with a trip to Madame Tussaud’s!


Were staying at Clink on the 13th too were heading down to London that wednesday morning to have a wander round before the trip, so we shall most likley meet then :slight_smile: haha two weeks tomorrow now we cant wait!!! :slight_smile: looking forward to meeting everyone on tour!! ;D


Hey guys, I am thinking about going on the southern nomad tour in august and this tour is a shorter version of europe unplugged. Just wondered what you all thought of the tour? Thanks D x