Europe Unplugged! July 7 2011


Hey my cousin and I are probably taking this trip I’m is anyone else taking this trip? or does anyone know how good the camping tours are?

Thanx Krista :slight_smile:


Hi Krista,

My friend and I are doing this tour, but on the June 30 departure date.
We’ve heard heaps of good feedback about the camping tours. We know people who have been on this same tour and say that it was fantastic (even though they aren’t usually the type of people to enjoy camping).
The only negative comments made were to do with laundry accessibility at some points in the trip. And that it is a good idea to padlock your valuables bag.

Hope thats helpful :slight_smile:


Thats very helpful although I was wondering about where you leave your valuables when you go swimming or whatever? Do you just leave them in your tent?


As far as I know you are able to leave your valuables on the tour bus, however topdeck arent responsible if something were to happen to them. Otherwise yeah just keep them in your tent, obviously trying to hide them as much as possible.


Hi, :wink:
I’m goin to on june 30, anyone of you know how many people make up the group?
Thanks Marcela


Hi Marcela! Thats great that you’re going on the 30th June tour as well! Are you travelling solo or with friends? Im not sure exactly how many people will make up the group. My travel agent mentioned around 30 people though :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

Im on the last half of the Unpluuged tour (Northern Nomad) for departure date 21 July, anyone on that?


Hola Meegs, I will travel alone, however I am sure that I would find many people to know! B-)


Heyo, I did the Unplugged tour this past summer and it was incredible! Camping your way thru is definitely the best option I think! Everybody is laid back and willing to pitch in and contribute which makes things really fun and lets you get to know everyone a little bit. As far as valuables go, we never had any problem with our locations in losing things (unless it was the owners fault - I lost my wallet in Austria and ended going thru a garbage can before finding it buried under my lie-lo- :-[). If I went swimming I just left my stuff in my tent. Have a great trip!!!


Hi Meegs & Marcela :slight_smile: am also doing the 30Th - 21 July tour. Coming from South Africa haven’t been overseas before. Touring Solo. Am super excited but also a bit scared ::slight_smile:

Anyone gonna be a extra day in London ?



Hi Meegs, Marcela & Christa,

Im also doing the June 30 tour with my bf. We have 3-4 days in London before and the night after.

Getting excited, not long to go now!!!

Brittany :slight_smile:


Hi Christa and Brittany! Great to hear from some more people on the same tour!
This will be my first time travelling overseas too. Scared as well :stuck_out_tongue: But so excited!
My friend and I will be in London a day or two before the tour starts and about 5 after.

Not too long now. The next few months will fly by I hope :slight_smile:

Meegs :slight_smile:


Hi my bf and i will be joining the last leg of the unplugged (northern nomad) tour on 9th july in rome finishing up on the 21st so we will prob be on the same tour as well! We will be in london for 4 days after the tour as well. Very excited ;D


I am going on the 16th June!


Hi Meegs, Marcela, Brittany & Sophie …
So are you guys counting the days off yet ?
I thought about something … why don’t we meet so long on face book, I think everyone have a Face book profile ? I don’t know your guys surnames otherwise I would have invited all of you, mine is Christa Espag.




Hey Nifer :slight_smile:

Hope your well ?

Thanks for comments on our plans, its privilege to have someone who already have the experience to answer all our questions :wink:
Do you mind answering our questions ?