Europe Unplugged Feedback Please


Hey[br][br]My husband and I are booked for the above tour on the 12th August.[br][br]Just want to pick your brains if you have been on this tour[br][br]1. Suitcase or backpack? [br]2. Did you pre book tickets for option extras?[br]3. When you stayed at campsites are backpacks/suitcases stored in a secure area or left in your tent for the day? [br]4. Did you have any nasty suprises on the tour ie: costs you didnt think of?[br][br]Any feedback or advice would be great[br][br]Cheers;D[br]


Just some feed back for you[br][br]1. suitcase or backpack - What ever suits you, I took a suit case and I could buy bits and peices and carry it where thos with backpacks couldn’t by as much (you only need to carry them for aprox 100 metres max)[br][br]2. the tour leader will inform you of the optional extras and will then go around and get numbers closer to hte time.[br][br]3. Everything was left in the tents during the day while we were away for the day - we took money, passports and cameras so there were no valuables left in the tents (only clothes)[br][br]4. there were no nasty surprises if you want to spend up large take lots of money and if not don’t (just note you will need money for the showeres and washing machines)[br][br]I hope this helps;)


Hey Darren[br][br]Cheers and thanks for the feedback. Just preparing ourselves for the trip. Good to know about certain things saves the headaches later.


which unplugged u going on?[br][br][br]o_0


Hey Andy[br][br]We are going on the 12th August.[br]From readin old posts you are going before us [br]Have good time and behave haha