Europe Unplugged - Departing sep 5


Is anyone on this trip? theres no topics anywhere on this site for this one…cmon peoples:)


Hi yeah me and my girl friend are also on this trip, was starting to wonder weather other prople were going to be on this trip , cant wait its getting closer


I thought this trip was ment to be guaranted departure but was just looking at the dates and hasn’t got this down as guaranted. just wondering as we paid before christmas and was ment to be guaranted


Hey Michael[br][br]yeah same here, i was starting to think it was only me ahah[br][br]im going alone so keen to get to know people before the tour[br][br]The tour is guaranteed to depart, i got intouch with Top Deck and its full with 47 people so should be good[br]Cant wait[br]


Yeah not long now trying to save as much as i can before we go but with the way the building industry is going in new zealand its making it a bit more difficult. Do you no if they have power sockets on the bus for us to be able to charge camera batterys.


I would of thought so, otherwise alot of people would have been screwed. Im guessing there are going to be a handfull of sockets thou.


When are you heading over we are landing in london the day before the tour starts hopefully jet lagg wont be to bad although it is a long flight with only a 2hour stop ova in hong kong. we staying at the globtrotter hostel the night b4 tour leaves


I get to ENG in late august and yeah im staying in the globetrotters aswell. you should be right with the jet lag, just get a good sleep and all should be sweet…most sleeping on tour will be on the bus probably ahah


Sleeping on the bus is probally a more than likely thing although thats if i sleep atall for 22 days lol dont want to miss anything


yeah true, not long now! [br]is there anyone going or just a aussie and a couple from new zealand???


hey guys i’ve just come back from this tour - best time of my life!! no power points on the bus, there are usually points in the bathrooms of the campgrounds we managed to survive… plus maybe take turns taking some photo’s so your camera batteries last longer and you don’t have 40 pictures of the same thing…


hey Anje[br][br]thanks for the heads up[br]so that good aye?[br]the main part im looking forward to is the the top of jungfuru mountain…is it worth the wait?


Hey… yeah i just got back from the southern nomad trip which is the eurpoe unplugged but getting off at venice… yeah, i went up jungfrau but there was like a blizzard at the top so all the attractions were closed (no snow disks, husky rides, flying fox, and u could barely go outside)… i would get ur tour leader (or ask at the reception at the camp ground) wat the weather forecast is… it would be awesome (and so worth the money) if it wasn’t crap weather like we had… in the end i would have prefered only going up to the halfway point on the mountain (where u change trains) cauise it was much clearer… nice veiws, had a resturant there so u could probably get a hot choc or something and yeah there was still snow there (it was actually snowing there on our way up)… the top of the mountain is very touristy and some of the activities still cost and it is alot of money to do it (135 swiss frac) but yeah, it was something i had always wanted to do too and i’m glad i did…


p.s. take warm clothes!!!


yeah we had a blizzard when up there as well but was still lots of fun but would have been better if we had managed to have some decent weather but not something you can always predict… would recommend you do as many as the options as possible


Hey guys was it very cold over there what do ya think it will be like weather wise traveling in september??


Yeah it was pretty cold (bout -1) and with it being summer, i didn’t have many warm clothes… best trick is layers and some decent shoes (eg. runners) and 2 or 3 pairs of socks (socks work well for ur hands too if having a snowball fight)… i can’t imagine that it would be more than -4 or -5 or something and there is plenty of inside area to defrost. Yeah, do all the optionals u can cause it is just so much fun to be doing that stuff with ur new found friends and most of it is stuff u would never get around toi doing if u were traveling alone.


Whats the the weather like in the other countries on the tour during this time of year


Italy was hot (bout 30-35 degrees!), france was pretty mild (24-28 degrees) it was a little bit colder in paris when i was there cause it was raining.


hey guys is there anyone else going on this trip