Europe Unplugged Camping - 11th August


Hi my name’s Sarah and I’m doing the Europe Unplugged Camping Tour that leaves London 11 August. Is anyone else doing this tour?


Hiya :slight_smile: I’ve just booked onto this trip. This is my first time travelling solo so I’m very excited if a little unprepared! Are you travelling alone as well?


Hey Sarah, me and my friend Rachel have booked to go on this tour on the 11th of aug. Were both from Australia as well. Should be lots of fun I hope. :slight_smile:


Hey I am travelling alone as well, it will be my first time going it alone & camping! I def feel unprepared but am also excited! Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Oh brilliant, good to know I’m not the only one! I live very close to London if anyone’s around and wants to meet up for a drink before the tour starts… :slight_smile:


Cool well I’ll be at the Clink on the night before, can’t wait to get started!


Hey Ladies,

I did this trip in June, it was FANTASTIC, camping is the best way to do it, it was a lot of fun and alot more social than the other hotel/hostel trips we met up with, we’ve made so many great friends - plus you get fed the best out of all the trips, ps a little tip, make sure you def take warm weather clothes as european summer is very unpredicable, also make sure you buy booze in paris before you leave to take to Switzerland with you as drinks are expensive in switzerland, dont leave any phones or laptops charging overnight in the bathrooms as ppl on our tour got things stolen (there are alot of gypsy’s around everywhere) when in rome buy tickets online for places like colesseum etc saves wasting time in long lines in the heat, or make sure you turn up really early, dont be put off by the campsite at Paris (they get better, its the worst campsite youll stay at) all the italian campsites are fantastic the Rome one even has a nightclub, supermarket and restaurant and its all cheap in italy) have fun :slight_smile: